CrossFit 978 Benchmark Workout Leaderboard

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1st Mike R 3:22 Rx
1st Matt N 3:22 Rx
3rd Brian M 3:45 Rx
4th Dom V 3:52 Rx
5th Rick M 3:57 Rx
1st Heather B 4:00 Rx
2nd MacKenzie H 5:05 Rx
3rd Chelsey K 6:34 Rx
4th Susan A 7:40 Rx
5th Karen L 7:47 Rx

1 Rep Max Snatch

1st Matt N 205 lbs Rx
2nd Rick M 195 lbs Rx
3rd Jay M 195 lbs Rx
4th Jay R 185 lbs Rx
5th Mike R 185 lbs Rx
1st Rachel E 147 lbs Rx
1st Heather B 147 lbs Rx
3rd MacKenzie H 115 lbs Rx
4th Maeve M 105 lbs Rx
5th Alexandria T 100 lbs Rx

Back Squat One rep MAX

1st Nicholas K 465 lbs Rx
2nd Rick M 460 lbs Rx
3rd Brad C 395 lbs Rx
4th Jay R 375 lbs Rx
5th Matt N 355 lbs Rx
1st Katie Q 260 lbs Rx
2nd Stacy V 235 lbs Rx
3rd MacKenzie H 220 lbs Rx
4th Melanie M 220 lbs Rx
5th Christina M 205 lbs Rx

Boat Race (sort of)

1st Mike F 16:26 Rx
2nd Mike R 16:37 Rx
3rd Matt N 16:49 Rx
4th Dan F 17:03 Rx
5th Brian M 17:07 Rx
1st Leslie M 17:58 Rx
2nd Sarah D 18:03 Rx
3rd Stacy V 18:33 Rx
4th Kathryn L 18:40 Rx
5th Claire R 18:42 Rx

Death race

1st Brian M 6:34 Rx
2nd Matt N 6:46 Rx
3rd Dom V 7:05 Rx
4th Rick M 7:23 Rx
5th Mike R 7:57 Rx
1st Katie C 5:49 Rx
2nd Melanie M 6:50 Rx
3rd Stacy V 7:08 Rx
4th Rachel E 7:20 Rx
5th Leslie M 7:25 Rx


1st Nathan R 2:35 Rx
2nd Mike R 3:08 Rx
3rd Dan F 5:13 Rx
4th Eduardo U 5:23 Rx
5th Rick M 5:29 Rx
1st Heather B 6:47 Rx
2nd MacKenzie H 9:10 Rx
3rd Kimberly W 6:19 Level 2
4th Christina M 4:00 Level 3
5th Beth M 8:07 Level 3


1st Rick M 6:52 Rx
2nd Dan F 8:33 Rx
3rd Dom V 8:39 Rx
4th Matt N 9:02 Rx
5th Chris M 9:06 Rx
1st Heather B 7:32 Rx
2nd Karen L 7:14 Level 2
3rd MacKenzie H 9:14 Level 2
4th Leslie M 10:16 Level 2
5th Chelsey K 10:32 Level 2

Fight Gone Bad

1st Chris M 346 reps Rx
1st Rick M 346 reps Rx
3rd Nathan R 326 reps Rx
4th Matt N 326 reps Rx
5th Mike F 308 reps Rx
1st Katie C 354 reps Rx
2nd Heather B 328 reps Rx
3rd Melanie M 307 reps Rx
4th Leslie M 302 reps Rx
5th Stacey B 294 reps Rx

Filthy Fitty

1st Zach M 16:57 Rx
2nd Brian M 22:43 Rx
3rd Dom V 23:24 Rx
4th Rick M 24:10 Rx
5th Mike F 24:25 Rx
1st Katie C 19:50 Rx
2nd Michelle R 22:43 Rx
3rd Heather B 23:08 Rx
4th Melanie M 25:44 Rx
5th Leslie M 26:09 Rx


1st Brian M 3:06 Rx
2nd Vinny V 3:10 Rx
3rd Mike R 3:32 Rx
4th Jay M 3:37 Rx
5th Mike F 3:39 Rx
1st Michelle R 3:41 Rx
2nd Melanie M 4:23 Rx
3rd Heather B 4:46 Rx
4th Stacy V 5:23 Rx
5th Stacey B 7:11 Rx


1st Rick M 8:33 Rx
2nd Mike F 8:50 Rx
3rd adilson l 9:14 Rx
4th Eduardo U 9:16 Rx
5th Matt N 9:21 Rx
1st Rachel E 9:22 Rx
2nd Katie C 9:35 Rx
3rd Melanie M 10:06 Rx
4th Stacy V 10:59 Rx
5th Leslie M 12:00 Rx


1st Rick M 2:12 Rx
2nd Brian M 2:25 Rx
3rd Eduardo U 3:03 Rx
4th Dan F 3:08 Rx
5th Chris M 4:34 Rx
1st Heather B 3:00 Rx
2nd Maeve M 2:48 Level 2
3rd Christina M 2:50 Level 2
4th Susan A 3:40 Level 2


1st Leo P 5:56 Rx
2nd Brian M 6:17 Rx
3rd Mike R 6:31 Rx
4th Mike F 6:40 Rx
5th Vinny V 6:45 Rx
1st Heather B 8:19 Rx
2nd Stacy V 8:43 Rx
3rd Katie C 8:44 Rx
4th Melanie M 9:15 Rx
5th Stacey B 9:36 Rx


1st Vinny V 5:45 Rx
2nd Dan F 6:09 Rx
3rd Jay M 6:25 Rx
4th Rick M 6:26 Rx
5th Dom V 6:42 Rx
1st Leslie M 6:28 Rx
2nd MacKenzie H 6:41 Rx
3rd Heather B 6:53 Rx
4th Melanie M 7:19 Rx
5th Michelle R 7:26 Rx


1st Rick M 125 lbs Rx
2nd Matt N 115 lbs Rx
3rd Chris M 105 lbs Rx
4th Mike F 105 lbs Rx
5th Eduardo U 105 lbs Rx
1st Heather B 90 lbs Rx
2nd Rachel E 85 lbs Rx
3rd Susan A 70 lbs Rx
4th Stacey B 70 lbs Rx
5th Leslie M 70 lbs Rx


1st Matt 18 + 1 Rx
2nd Matt W 15 + 6 Rx
3rd Nathan R 15 + 3 Rx
4th Jay M 15 Rounds Rx
5th Rick M 12 + 6 Rx
1st Michelle R 13 Rounds Rx
2nd Heather B 8 + 1 Rx
3rd Claire R 14 + 12 Level 2
4th Karen L 10 + 3 Level 2
5th Isleen K 10 Rounds Level 2

One rep Max Clean

1st Nicholas K 347 lbs Rx
2nd Zach M 322 lbs Rx
3rd Rick M 305 lbs Rx
4th Matt N 275 lbs Rx
5th Vinny V 275 lbs Rx
1st Leslie M 145 lbs Rx
1st Maeve M 145 lbs Rx
3rd Susan A 140 lbs Rx
4th Chelsey K 135 lbs Rx
5th Stacey B 130 lbs Rx

One rep Max Deadlift

1st Rick M 535 lbs Rx
2nd Matt W 495 lbs Rx
3rd Dan F 455 lbs Rx
4th Brian P 415 lbs Rx
5th Mike R 405 lbs Rx
1st MacKenzie H 277 lbs Rx
2nd Maeve M 255 lbs Rx
3rd Stacy V 250 lbs Rx
4th Alexandria T 240 lbs Rx
5th Susan A 235 lbs Rx


1st Matt W 3:07 Rx
2nd Leo P 3:40 Rx
3rd Mike F 3:42 Rx
4th Rick M 3:48 Rx
1st Stacy V 4:16 Rx
2nd Melanie M 4:35 Rx
3rd Heather B 4:50 Rx
4th Susan A 5:11 Rx
5th Rachel E 5:56 Rx